Ditto Clipboard Manager is one of those tools that after using it for a little while you can’t imagine how you could get by without it before. It has a lot of features that boost my productivity and I am sure there are some that I don’t even know about.

So what are the feature that make Ditto a must-have tool.

  • Size of the clipboard. By default it saves last 500 items you copied to your clipboard. Being programmer I always use clipboard to copy blocks of code from one file to another. Having just one item in your clipboard makes this process frustrating and time consuming. Some IDEs like Visual Studio have their own clipboard managers. But in case of VS it only works inside this IDE and will be cleared then Visual Studio is closed.

  • Persistence. Clipboard items are persisted. This means that it will survive planned or unplanned reboot. This is incredible feature. How many times you have rebooted your computer and had to spend time finding necessary information. Ditto takes care of this issue by storing items copied to the clipboard in database. You can copy something into clipboard for future reference and stop worrying about it. Previously I would usually have a few files open to keep this kind of information at hand.

  • Search. Open Ditto and start typing. You will find the information you need in no time at all.

    Before search Search

  • Compare two clipboard items. Simply select two items and press Ctrl-F2 and the clips will be displayed in your comparison tool in my case it’s Beyond Compare.


    Comparison result

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Ditto wouldn’t have been so convenient and useful without keyboard shortcuts. By default Ditto is activated by pressing Ctrl-` but you can change almost any shortcut in Ditto’s options. You can assign shortcut to paste one of your last ten clipboard clips, insert text as a plain text or save current clipboard.

  • Sticky items. Just mark clip as sticky and it will stay at the top of the list. You can do this to the multiple items. I found this feature useful then I was doing refactoring in our JavaScript project. I needed to have few blocks of code at hand. Making these blocks as sticky clipboard clips saved me a lot of time.

  • Exclude some programs. Having you clipboard content safe and persisted is all nice and well but you probably wouldn’t want to keep your sensitive information in a long term storage. But developers of Ditto thought about it and added an option to exclude certain programs. I personally exclude KeePass.

  • Text transformations. Often enough you need to insert you clipboard clip as plain text or you want to change it’s casing. Ditto has you covered.

    Special paste

  • View, edit and save clips. Ditto can store not just text but images as well. Writing this blog entry I would make a number of screenshots and then use Ditto to save them directly into png files. Choose the clip and select view from the context menu or press F3 and you can quickly identify what image you are looking at. With text entries you can use Ditto as a simple editor for your notes.

In conclusion I would like to say only one thing. Install Ditto and give it a go you will not regret it.