There is no straightforward way to share transformed variables between projects in the Octopus Deploy. The solution is to use Octopus API and PowerShell:

  1. In the library create script module ShareVariables using content of the snippet below as the body for the module

     function Get-SharedVariableNames {
         return @("VariableName1", "VariableName2", "VariableName3")
     function Set-SharedVariables {
         $variablesToSet = Get-SharedVariableNames
         foreach ($variableName in $variablesToSet) {
             Set-OctopusVariable -name "Shared.$($variableName)" -value $OctopusParameters[$variableName]
     function Read-SharedVariables {
         $octopusURL = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Web.BaseUrl"]
         $projectName = "name of the project you a reading variables from"
         $environment = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Environment.Id"]
         $tenant = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Deployment.Tenant.Id"]
         $octopusApiKey = "use you Octopus api key"
         $header = @{ "X-Octopus-ApiKey" = octopusApiKey }
         $project = (Invoke-RestMethod $octopusURL/api/projects?name=$projectName -Headers $header -UseBasicParsing).Items | Where-Object Name -eq $projectName
         $getDeploymentUrl = "$($octopusURL)/api/deployments?projects=$($project.Id)&environments=$($environment)&tenants=$($tenant)&taskState=success&take=1"
         $deployment = (Invoke-RestMethod $getDeploymentUrl -Headers $header -UseBasicParsing).Items | Select-Object -first 1
         $variables = (Invoke-RestMethod $octopusURL/api/variables/variableset-$($deployment.Id) -Headers $header -UseBasicParsing).Variables
         $variablesToSet = Get-SharedVariableNames
         foreach ($variableName in $variablesToSet) {
             $variable = $variables | Where-Object Name -Like "*.Output.Shared.$($variableName)" | Select-Object -first 1
             Set-OctopusVariable -name $variableName -value "$($variable.Value)"
  2. Configure the script module
    1. In the function Get-SharedVariableNames provide names of the variables that require sharing
    2. In the function Read-SharedVariables:
      1. Set $projectName to the name of project you are reading variables from
      2. Set $octopusApiKey to the Api key that you have created
    3. If you do not use tenants in your deployments you might need to remove tenant url parameter from the $getDeploymentUrl
  3. In the source project:
    1. Include script module ShareVariables
    2. Add a script step Set Shared Variables
    3. As a script body use Set-SharedVariables
  4. In the target deployment project
    1. Include script module ShareVariables
    2. For each step that requires shared variables:
      1. Enable Custom Deployment scripts in Configuration features
      2. In the Pre-deployment script set the body of the script to Read-SharedVariables

The limitation of this solution is that you will always use latest set of variables from the source project but for the majority of the deployments this shouldn’t be a problem.