My favorite way to learn foreign language is to read in it. Most of the reading apps allow translation in one form or another but the convenience of translation varies greatly among them. To give you an example of typical translation workflow:

  • Long press the screen to initiate translation
  • Select required phrase
  • In the pop-up menu select option to translate
  • See translation in full Google Translate app (without seeing context as this action navigates away from the reading app)
  • Press back button two times to get back to the reading.

Note: If you don’t need translation of phrases and translate from english a lot of apps offer convenient way to translate single word. Depending on your level of language proficiency you will need to translate very often and anything that makes this process more efficient is a great time saver. Also the less time you are spending away from reading makes it more likely that you will continue reading instead of giving up.

I am currently learning French with the goal to be able to read classical French literature. Previously my reading app of choice was Moon Reader + but the translation workflow, which is very similar to the one I described above, was very annoying. Android has built-in pop-up translation. In most of the apps you can select the text you like to translate, click three dots in the menu and select translate. This will result in pop-up translation to be displayed. Some reading apps would allow you to do this but after trying more that 15 apps I found one that makes it even easier.

[Librera] ( is feature rich app that allows you to read files in almost any format. But the most important feature for me is translation. After simple configuration, which I will describe later, the translation workflow looks like this:

  • Long press the first word of the phrase you would like to translate
  • After vibration select the rest of the phrase without lifting your finger
  • Release the finger and get translation from Google Translate in the pop-up.
  • Touch screen outside of pop-up to continue reading

If you need translation for just one word you can lift your finger strait after vibration.

To configure Librera do following:

  • Open the book you are reading
  • Tap once in the middle of the screen
  • Select cog icon to enter settings cog icon
  • In the setting tick “Open in the dictionary” and click on the “Google Translate” link translation settings
  • In the pop-up select “Translate” select dictionary

That’s it, the app is now configured. Happy reading and if you like the app buy the Librera PRO to support the developer.